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    Welcome To Glasgow Car Valet Specialists!

    The Glasgow Car Valet Specialists are the go to people to help you keep your car in top shape. We are a mobile service, so we come to you!

    As a small, local Glasgow business, we understand your needs and what the Glasgow weather can bring us. Our services are specifically tailored to meet your needs as a car owner in and around Greater Glasgow, as we know the weather can sometimes not be on our side. We offer traditional exterior car wash as well as a variety of exterior car detailing services to protect your car from the elements, and a variety of interior car detailing services.

    We Come To You!

    We began our company as a small group of car washers offering car wash services to friends and neighbours. When we first set up shop, we offered basic exterior and interior car wash services. Over the years, we have been able to increase of expertise and specialised equipment which now allows us to offer more specialised services. Whether you are interested in giving your car a waxing or a interior clean up, we have the solution for you!

    Mobile Service Covering All of Glasgow

    The Glasgow Car Valet Specialists company offers a variety of car wash services to meet your needs. As Glasgow residents ourselves, we understand that sometimes it’s not worth it to invest in an exterior car wash when the odds that it will rain the next day are high. That’s why we’ve developed a list of specialised alternative services so you can keep your car in top shape without spending money on a wash might only last a day. Our team has been able to acquire specialised equipment to be able to offer special services for you like car waxing and car polishing services. You may have been sitting in front of your computer searching “mobile car wash Glasgow”, “car detailing Glasgow”, or “car valeting Glasgow”, and wondering where to go for reliable professionals. We are glad you found our site and are looking forward to getting to work.

    Quick Express Wash

    Are you in need of a quick car wash before you go on holiday or attend a special event? Having a dusty car when driving around town is not a crime, but it does make one feel better to arrive in a clean car if you’re going to a wedding or special party. If you need a quick car wash the day before a special event or the eve before you go on holiday, give us a ring for our quick express wash!

    Our quick washes start from just £10 and mini valet from £30 

    Interior Car Detailing

    Are you tired of sitting in a pile of crumbs when you get into your car? Not everyone has time to clean up their car, especially when there are so many other chores to do. Who has a hand vacuum that can get under car seats anyway? The Glasgow Car Valet Specialists do!
    We offer an all-inclusive interior car detailing service that includes interior vacuuming, dashboard dusting and polishing, and window cleaning. You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference having a clean car can make in your day to day life! 
    We use a purpose made microfiber cloth and special fluid to wash the interior dashboard, console and door panels without deteriorating the quality. The fluid leaves the car sparkling clean.

    Our interior valet service starts at £65.

    My kids and I usually make an activity of washing the car in the summer, but our car was so dirty this year we couldn’t wait until the warm weather. I went to the Glasgow Car Valet company for an exterior detailing and am really pleased with the job! The team is so kind and attentive of detail, I’ll be going back for an interior detailing soon.” Kiera L.

    Exterior Car Detailing

    Having a clean car is a luxury. There is nothing like looking over at your car and seeing shine under the sun. At Glasgow Car Valet Specialists, we offer exterior car detailing services for you. Our detailing services are designed to clean and restore the exterior of your car, scratching off paint scratches, polishing wheels, and making sure all windows are shiny. Giving your car a routine exterior detail can help keep it in top shape for years and protect it from UV rays and water damage. This will in turn help protect your paint work and keep the shine on the motor.

    After we’ve cleaning your vehicle, we then lubricate the paint surface and treated with a clay that helps eliminate the dirt.
    We will get the carpets back to the condition they were in when you first bought the car! Steam cleaning your carpets is the best way of killing odours and dirt from your interior seats and carpets. We use premium shampoo and tools to eliminate all stains and bacteria from the materials. 

    Wash and Wax starts from £30
    Full Exterior Valet starts at £65

    Full Car Wash and Detail

    Our most premium service we can offer – the full carwash and detail is one of our most popular offerings. This all-inclusive service is designed to target all interior and exterior nooks and crannies of your car to make sure it is spotless clean. This service is a great option if you are looking to give your car a thorough cleaning and protect it from the elements for the coming years.
    Our Full Car Wash and detail is our premium service. From a complete exterior soapy wash, T-cut and polish, plus a full interior vacuum and clean. 
    This service is aimed to enhance gloss and minimise paintwork defects. This service is finished off with a coat of ceramic wax will be applied to protect your paint!

    Our premium car detail service starts at £299

    “I take my van to the Glasgow Car Valet one a year for a car waxing. I travel loads during the year and the wax really helps protect my car from the sun and the weather, especially when I go to colder climates. I highly recommend the business if you are looking for car wash services.” John K.

    Engine Cleaning

    In addition to interior and exterior car detailing services, we offer engine cleaning. Giving your car’s engine a cleaning can ensure that your car continues running properly for years. Oil and other debris can build up inside your car’s engine and cause trouble if gone unattended. Our experts have specialized equipment to be able to get in and around the engine without disturbing the mechanics and making sure its spotless clean.
    Our mobile car wash service will go into every fine detail of your car, both inside and out, and under the bonnet, to make sure you are a happy customer.

    Commercial Vehicle Cleaning

    When the Glasgow Car Valet Specialists company first opened, we focused our attention on private cars. Over the years we have been able to expand our services to now include commercial vehicle cleaning. Whether it’s a large truck, company van, or school bus, we offer an array of cleaning services for your vehicle. If you are interested in our services get in touch with us to see what the next steps are!

    “We got invited to a wedding in January in the country. We didn’t want to show up with a dirty car but it was tough to wash it with anticipation because of the weather. A friend told us about the express wash service at the Glasgow car company so we took it there. We’re really pleased with their work, the team cleaned up our car real nice and real quick.” Adaira P.


    What does car detailing include?

    Car detailing is the process of cleaning and restoring a vehicle to a brand new condition. The process is labour intensive and more thorough  than a standard car wash. That is why professionals group it into seperate tiers for customers to choose from.

    Exterior cleaning includes Wash and dry, Paint Claying, Polishing and Sealing or Waxing. Still, it can involve trim repainting, glass chip repair, engine detailing, engine pressure cleaning, headlight polishing, bumper repair, and paint correction
    Interior cleaning involves hoovering, scrubbing and brushing, leather trimming, glass cleaning, steam cleaning, and perfuming.

    How much does it cost to detail a car?

    Basic car detailing costs around £35 – £65 for an average-sized vehicle. The service includes a wash, wax, interior vacuuming, interior polish, window wash, mirror and trim cleaning and tire cleaning.
    However, a full car detail requires attention to detail. Thus, it’s time-consuming and exhausting. It  goes after all stains, marks, and imperfections. With this, your vehicle gets a hand wax and paint protection.
    All surfaces gets a thorough clean down – dashboard, windows, door panels, among others. This service can cost you between £100 and £250 depending on the size of vehicle being cleaned.

    Is it worth detailing a car?

    Car detailing keeps your car shiny and clean, which not only increases the resale value but boosts your pride of ownership. A complete detailing can make your vehicle look as good as new when done by professionals. That makes worth the cost.

    Does detailing get rid of scratches?

    If your car has minor scratches and chips, the detailers can apply touch-up paint to cover the scratches. You will need a full paint and clear coat, which is then subjected to sanding and waxing if there is  severe damage to the car.

    How often should I wash my car?

    We recommend washing your car every two weeks. However, you can wash your car every week, depending on how dirty it gets and how much use you have in it. If you live in salty areas or during winter, you may need to wash your car more often. Salt corrodes metal causing rusting, and wet muddy roads will quickly dirty your car.

    How does car valeting differ from car detaling?

    Car detailing is a process of thoroughly cleaning the interior and exterior of a car besides doing minor repairs to improve the overall look of the car.
    Alternatively, Valeting is a professional service that aims at cleaning the bodywork and interior of a car.

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