Are you tired of cleaning your care every other week and getting wet in the process? Do you get frustrated that you can never clean your wheels as well as you’d like? Do you wish you could spend your weekend doing something else besides washing your car? Maybe sleeping in or going to the pub earlier with the lads? The Glasgow Car Valet Specialists company is here for you. We’ve set up a state of the art car wash and car detailing company to be able to offer a range of car services for customers like you. Since we first set up the company, years ago, we have been able to expand and adjust our services to tailor to the needs of Glasgow residents. Scottish weather makes it difficult to keep your car clean all the time but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in a waxing or polishing. As Glasgow residents ourselves, we know how to keep your car in top shape even in northern rainy weather.

The Glasgow Car Valet Specialists company is a locally owned business. We began as a small family owned company offering car wash and car detailing services to people in our neighborhood. As time went by, we were able to improve our services and increase our capacity so we can now offer a range of services to more people in the Glasgow area. If you are interested in car wash or car detailing services, give us a ring!

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