Commercial Vehicle Detailing

When we first began our business, we were a family owned business that only had the capacity to offer car wash services to friends and family in the community. Over the years, we have been able to expand our business and our equipment to now be able to offer commercial vehicle cleaning services. Whether you are part of a business or own your own commercial vehicle for business purposes, we offer commercial vehicle cleaning for you and your needs.

Routine Car Wash Service

Commercial vehicles are always on the run and sometimes are used by multiple people throughout a week of work. That means that they have a higher chance of getting dirty and accumulating debris inside and outside the car. We offer a routine car wash service that is one of the most popular among our commercial vehicle customers because they can include it in their weekly business expenses. This service is designed to offer routine maintenance to commercial vehicles to ensure they are kept in top shape and are clean to satisfy the standards of every company.

Interior and Exterior Express Service

One of the leading commercial vehicle services we offer is our interior and exterior express service. This is one of the most popular service because it gets the job done. Our trained team cleans all interior parts of the car, making sure there are no crumbs, trash, or other debris in the car that can accumulate. We eradicate odors from the interior and make sure all surfaces are wiped with antibacterial equipment. In conjunction with our exterior express service, which includes a wash down of doors, windows, and wheels, this is a complete service that does not take up too much time and is an affordable routine service for commercial vehicles.

Interior and Exterior All-Inclusive Service

In parallel to our interior and exterior express service, the Glasgow Car Valet Specialists company offers an interior and exterior all inclusive service for commercial vehicles. Whether you own a luxury car rental service for special events and need your cars to be spotless, or you are interested in giving your commercial vehicles a deep cleaning, this is the perfect service for you. This all inclusive interior and exterior service includes engine cleaning, exterior waxing and polishing, interior scent eradication, dashboard antibacterial cleaning, and underside cleaning to make sure the entire car is spotless.

Specialized Services

In addition to our full body express and all inclusive car wash services, we offer specialized services to target areas in your commercial vehicle that need more attention. If your car is not in need of a full body wash, but the wheels are dirty, or the interior air vents need cleaning, then bring your car to the Glasgow Car Valet Specialists because we offer a variety of specialized and targeted services designed for this purpose. You don’t need to commit to an entire full body car wash if your car is not in need of one. If you need a specialized service, we will make sure that targeted area is clean!
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