Exterior Car Detailing

Is your car covered in mud after a drive in the country? Has it been sitting under the rain for weeks now and is ready for a car wash? Come to Glasgow Car Valet Specialists! As one of the leading car wash companies in the Glasgow area, we have a number of exterior car detailing services we can offer you to help you keep your car in top shape. Giving your car a routine exterior detailing service can help maintain its paint and shine for longer.

Full Body Car Wash

At Glasgow Car Valet Specialists our most popular service is our full body car wash service. We offer this service year round and on a drop in or routine basis. Our full body car wash is designed to give a complete cleaning to cars of all shapes and sizes. We focus on wheels, windows, doors, roofs, and undersides to make sure every part of the car is spotless clean. In addition to our full body car wash, you can choose to include an interior detailing service to complement the exterior wash and make sure your entire car is spotless, inside and outside!

Wheel Washing

The Glasgow Car Valet Specialists company offers a variety of exterior car detailing services for your needs that can be combined to create a full body car wash or that can be done individually, according to your needs. If you only need a wheel washing, converse with one of our specialists so we can focus on the targeted task at hand. We offer wheel washing at any time of the year to help you get debris off your wheels and make sure they are clean and shiny. This specialized detailing service is great if you just need a quick cleaning but do not want an entire full body wash.

Paint Scratches

Do you have paint scratches around your bumpers or on other parts of your car and don’t know how to get them off? Bring your car to Glasgow Car Valet Specialists to see what we can do for you. Paint scratches can give your car the wrong look and ruin a beautiful car from looking great. We offer paint scratching cleaning services and have specialized equipment to be able to take paint scratches off the exterior surface of your car. We cannot guarantee that all scratches will be able to come off because some scratches damage the surface of the car, but most scratches are on the surface and a cleaning job will get them off.

Waxing Service

Our exterior car detailing service includes a waxing service if you are interested in this service. Giving your car a waxing can help protect the surface of your car’s exterior from UV rays, water exposure, and scratches from cars and other objects. Investing in a wax service can help save money in the future because you are investing in a protective coat that keeps your car in top shape for longer!
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