Interior Car Detailing

Car interiors can get messy quickly, sometimes, far more quickly than a car exterior, especially if you have kids or pets or work in the country. At Glasgow Car Valet Specialists we offer interior car detailing services so that you don’t have to worry about vacuuming up crumbs left behind by your children or hairs shed off by your pets. Over the years, we have been able to gain experience and equipment that helps us find the best ways to clean the interior of your car and make sure it is sparkling clean when we are done.

Vacuuming Service

Our interior car detailing service is split up into different services and phases to make sure we do a thorough job and get everything done. If you are interested in only one part of the process or only one service, let our specialists know so we tailor the service to your preferences. The interior detailing service includes vacuuming service, dashboard cleaning and dusting, window polishing, and scent cleaning. Each of these services is designed to target a specific part of your car interior to make sure all parts of the car are clean when the service is complete.

Dashboard Cleaning and Dusting

Dashboards can get dirty quickly especially if you use your car often. The dashboard cleaning and dusting service is a part of the interior car detailing service that Glasgow Car Valet Specialists offer. This service includes disinfecting all surfaces to keep hygienic standards, dusting front and back dashboards and air vents, and polishing appliances. Our team has special equipment to get into the nooks and crannies in between air vents and dashboard appliances so we are able to successfully dust away dirt and other particles that have been accumulating in hard to get places.

Window Polishing

Do you have finger prints or grease stains on your windows that you just don’t have time to clean away? Worry no longer and bring your car to Glasgow Car Valet Specialists because we can clean your windows for you. Window polishing is part of our interior car detailing service and it is one of the most popular services we offer by itself. If you need a window polish but are not interested in the other interior detailing services, give us a call and we’ll get the job done according to your preferences.

Scent Cleaning

Does your car have an unpleasant odour you can’t get rid of? Is it rotten milk that your kids spilled months ago? Or is it the smell of damp dogs that you can’t get rid of? Whatever the smell, we know better than anyone how difficult it is to eradicate smells from your car interior, but just because its difficult doesn’t meant we won’t do it! If you have a pungent odour in your car you can’t get rid of, give us a call and schedule and interior detailing service so that we can conduct a cleaning and get the smell out.
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