Window Cleaning

Do you need an express wash for your car but don’t have the time do it yourself? Give the Glasgow Car Valet Specialists company a ring because we can get the job done for you in no time! Express car washes are great when you are in a pinch and need a clean car. We have been offering this service for years for people who are attending a special event and want to show up in a shiny car, or people who just need a quick cleaning as they get on with their daily chores and occupations.

Express Wash for Special Event

Have you been invited to a wedding or special dinner party out in the country and don’t want to show up with a muddy, dusty car? Arriving to a wedding in a dirty car might give the wrong impression so why not get an express cleaning at Glasgow Car Valet Specialists so you feel all the more excited to go? We offer express cleaning for interior and exterior services. You can schedule a cleaning weeks in advance to make sure you have a reserved space and will be prepared to arrive at your wedding or party spick and span clean!

Express Wash for Targeted Places

Does your car need a wash but don’t have the time to get a full body cleaning? Give us a call to see how we can best serve you. At Glasgow Car Valet Specialists company we offer a variety of services and are willing to tailor our services to your needs. If a full body express wash is too timely for your schedule, you can consider getting a targeted express wash for certain places, like getting a wheel cleaning or a windshield wipe down. We offer a variety of express targeted cleaning services to best help you!

Routine Washes

Are you interested in scheduling a routine express wash with the Glasgow Car Valet Specialist company? One of the most popular services we offer is our routine express wash. Whether your car needs a wash every week, every two weeks, or every month, you can get in contact with the company to schedule your routine car wash slot that will be the same every time. This way, you can work your car wash into your schedule and plan ahead. It is a great service if you travel often and don’t have time to worry about cleaning your car.

Interior Express Wash

In parallel to our exterior express wash service, we offer interior express wash services for cars. Our traditional express wash service is only for car exteriors to save time and present an affordable price. If you would also like an interior washing, or are interested only in an interior washing, then the interior express wash service is the service for you! We will vacuum all interior surfaces and wipe down all counters to make sure your car is spick and span clean in the inside.
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