When you think of a car wash, images of hoses, lots of suds, and a warm summer day may come to mind. Usually, school kids organize car washes as a fun summer activity to raise funds for themselves or a good cause. These types of car washes are great and definitely fun, but that’s not what we have in mind when we say car wash. At Glasgow Car Valet Specialists, we offer a range of specialized car wash services to fulfill your needs as a customer. After years of working in the business and adapting our services for the special needs of people in the community, we’ve created a list of specialized services keep your car in top shape. Our basic services include:

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    As car valet specialists, we know how to keep your car in top shape especially considering the rainy northern weather. We understand that sometimes its not worth it to invest in a car wash in Glasgow because the odds that it will rain tomorrow are high. That’s why in addition to car wash services, we offer car polishing services, car waxing services, and interior car detailing services so that your car is protected from the elements and feels clean even when there’s crappy weather. If you are interested in our services, give us a ring to get more information!

    Areas we cover 

    We are a mobile car wash, so long story short – anywhere in Glasgow is within distance for us!